UPD: This website is not hosted by 000webhost anymore.

How to remove the 000webhost branding from all of your website pages

As much as I appreciate the free service I just can't stand this crap all over my stuff:
000webhost Branding

Add this CSS to the very bottom of the pages where you want to hide the 000webhost branding from your website, just before </body>:

div[style*="text-align: right;position: fixed;z-index:9999999;bottom: 0;width: auto;right: 1%;cursor: pointer;line-height: 0;display:block !important;"] {
    display: none !important;

img[src*=""] {
    display: none !important;

a[href*=""] {
    display: none !important;

You can Ctrl+U this page to verify.

Also keep in mind that they inject additional JavaScript into your documents on top of it. I got nothing to hide but it still pisses me off. Also, that means they can ― and they will, and they DID ― use it to display whatever they want over the contents of your website at their own discretion. I will not be getting into specifics of how I've found it out but let's say it conserned the events of Spring 2022.

Get a VPS instead of free or even paid hosting. It's cheap and you'll learn stuff.